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Episode 20. April McEwen – American Rivers

In this episode, April McEwen, River Restoration Project Manager at American Rivers, talks about a variety of dam removal projects she is involved in. She discusses projects she has done since our last podcast about the Middle Fork Nooksack Fish Passage in 2020 (Episode 7).  She talks in detail about the Barrel Springs and Kellogg Creek dam removal projects. April talks about the importance of partnerships and collaboration in both of these projects. Barrel Springs was completed last summer in Skagit County, Washington. This project involved removing a 12-foot-tall dam and providing access to a natural cold-water springs. The Kellogg Creek Restoration and Community Enhancement Project will include removing a dam that blocks 14 acres of habitat in Milwaukee, Oregon. NOAA has awarded 15 million federal infrastructure grant to the Kellogg Project for stream health, salmon, transportation, and access to nature.